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​ear Trader,

You've doubtless experienced your share of profits and losses. So you know the name of the game - maximize profits, keep losses small.

And you've probably agonized about exactly how to do that. Maybe you've even bought costly books and courses about it... but with little effect. So, perhaps you feel frustrated about ever becoming a consistently successful trader.

Well, the good news is, what you'll learn right here for free will help fix that trading nightmare for you, starting today.

The fact is, traders are usually pretty confident when they place their trades. They feel certain they analyzed the situation perfectly, and the market move will make them a chunky profit. Yet, far more trades lose money than they'd ever expect. And when this happens to YOU, it's natural to feel discouraged, even to the point of wanting to quit.

However, it doesn't have to be this way. When you discover and eliminate what I call the 7 Deadly Mistakes of Online Trading, your profits can soar to previously unseen heights.

The truth is, you took up Trading in the first place to enjoy an independent, financially free lifestyle. Which means, making steady profits and building your account size rapidly, so it can support you and your family for life. So that's why it's all the more heart-wrenching when you take a big loss that (a) whacks your account and (b) dampens your hopes and dreams.

What's amazing is that the majority of trading losses are due to the exact same set of errors (which most traders are totally ignorant of). So, they continue to repeat them over and over again. But starting today, YOU will not only KNOW what these deadly errors are, you'll kick the damn things out for good!

After all, you want your Trading to be stress-free, enjoyable and consistently profitable. God knows, the reason people take up Trading in the first place is to have LESS stress than in the day job, and do MORE of what they love and enjoy.

That's why the shocking truth I recently uncovered is to vital to understand...

MOST traders suffer from one or more of the same set of trading errors that CRIPPLES their performance and profitability in the markets.

My research reveals that there are SEVEN trading errors that absolutely KILL profits faster than anything else you could possibly do. Eliminate these errors from your Trading, and your performance MUST soar... like a golden eagle released from a rusty cage.

Yes, you deserve to be successful and proud of it.

And that's why, if your trading stinks and you're pissed off that it's not getting any better, my brand-new FREE report, The 7 Deadly Mistakes Of Online Trading could be the most important thing you ever read.

And just in case you're wondering why I'm even qualified to be telling you all this...

My name is Dr. Asoka Selvarajah - a trading strategist for 11 years on the dealing floors of several major Wall Street financial firms, as well as a major multi-billion dollar investment fund. So, you can be confident that I've had major exposure to a wide variety of traders and trading methods.

Anyway, you're probably asking yourself what these seven deadly Trading errors could possibly be. So, here are just some of the key secrets you'll discover..

The one critical success factor behind fully 70% or more of your trading, yet almost nobody knows about it (No, it's got nothing to do with the specific market you trade, the trading software you use, or even your actual trading method!)

Why that old trading adage, “cut your losses, and let your profits run,” is almost impossible to follow (and the one key distinction that ensures you do it every time).

The ONE THING you absolutely MUST do every time you enter any trade to guarantee your long-term survival (Flout this rule and you WILL go bust: it’s just a matter of time)

Do YOU trade too often, and without a clear strategy (Mistake 3)? Why it happens, when you are most vulnerable, and how to get rid of this deadly error forever. 

The most common error beginner traders consistently make (this alone guarantees they get taken out of the game FAST and BRUTALLY, within a handful of trades).

The one discipline you MUST establish before you ever place a trade (if you're to have a snowball’s hope in hell of long-term riches).  

The Secret of the Critical Percentage. World-class traders NEVER commit more than this percentage of their capital to a single trade (but most mediocre traders never commit LESS!)

and much more...

You may be wondering why I'm giving away this report for free, when it could easily sell for $97 or more (it's definitely worth far more if it take your trading to new levels of profitability?)

Simple. First, I genuinely want to give back to the trading community that has been good to me. And second, this report is my way of introducing myself to you for what will be a long friendship in trading... starting today.

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​To Your Trading Success, 

                                  Asoka Selvarajah

P.S.  If you just read this powerful free report, your trading success WILL increase.Trading WITH any of these errors in place is like trying to drive with the hand-brake on. Once you finally “get it” and release the hand-brake… well, it’s a world of difference, isn’t it?

That’s how it can be in your Trading too. You no longer have to struggle along with one or more of these profit leeches on your back, sucking the blood out of your trading.

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