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Dr. Asoka Selvarajah’s high accuracy techniques  of market analysis have always been unorthodox, cutting-edge and often against the grain of the mainstream financial industry. He remains a free spirit in an industry of political conformity, and mind-numbing lack of originality.

Dr. Asoka Selvarajah

He was born in London, UK and gained a B.SC. and a Ph.D in Physics from a top UK university. Much of the latter was spent studying matter/anti-matter interactions at the particle accelerators of CERN in Switzerland.

From there, Asoka turned his sights to the Investment Banking industry in London. He began his career on a momentous day. Monday October 19th 1987, the date of the Stock Market Crash, was his first day at work!

Dr. Selvarajah has worked for many major name Wall Street firms such as Merrill Lynch, Salomon Brothers  and Bear Stearns, and high quality investment banks such as the European Bank For Reconstruction & Development (EBRD), Japan’s Nippon Credit Bank, and the AAA-rated Rabobank where he served as  Associate Director of International Equity Quantitative Research.

Perhaps as a result of his background in experimental Physics, Dr. Selvarajah took naturally to the subject of Technical Analysis; forecasting financial market movements using price charts and quantitative techniques.  He rapidly established a reputation for himself at Merrill Lynch, where several Fixed Income department heads declared that his market forecasting was accurate more than 70% of the time.

This accuracy was enhanced still further at the Treasury Department of the prestigious European Bank For Reconstruction & Development (EBRD). Dr. Selvarajah was in charge of providing market directional forecasts and trading strategies, as part of a small team managing a multi-billion dollar investment portfolio. There he explored methodologies as varied as neural network and genetic algorithm systems for market forecasting, as well as perfecting price and time cycle methodologies for forecasting market turning points with breathtaking accuracy – days, weeks, or even months in advance.

Asoka Selvarajah has been separately described by Mr. Mark Cutis, former Treasurer of the EBRD and Mr. Marcus Grubb, former Global Head of Equities for Rabobank as “the best analyst I ever met in my entire career.” Robert Krausz, the super-trader and Fibonacci genius featured in Jack Schwager’s book “New Market Wizards”, has stated in writing that Asoka’s work “has always been 1st class”.

His market analysis has been broadcast to traders around the world via Reuters, and he has been interviewed in the industry magazine, Technical Analysis Of Stocks & Commodities.

In November 1998, after 11 years within the professional Investment Banking environment, Asoka retired at just 38 years old to take a rest from the pressures of office environments, and pursue his many, varied interests. Amongst these included writing a self-help book and setting up a leading personal development website which have helped literally tens of thousands of people around the world improve their personal and professional lives. He has also been mastering Marketing and Copywriting principles. In addition, he has continued his in-depth research into financial markets and what makes them tick.

In September  2007, he founded the OnlineTradingRebel.Com website, dedicated to providing traders around the world with clear, powerful “investment bank quality” trading information to make windfall profits and trade the markets with assurance, confidence and knowledge.

Asoka used cutting edge methods to forecast the entire 2008 stock market crash in January of that year, well in advance of the main bear market move. That entire forecast was posted in two dramatic Youtube videos that can be seen here as proof: Part 1 and Part 2. On March 6th 2009, again using proprietary methods, Asoka correctly forecast the exact bottom of the market and traded it, as evidenced by his Twitter post at the time (actual low, 6443 on same day of March 6th 2009):

Asoka Selvarajah continues to research and trade the markets on an ongoing basis. This site represents his thoughts, advice, and current Trading products.