Dow Jones S&P Stock Market Crash 2008: October 10th A Low?

October 12, 2008

Dow Jones Stock Market Crash 2008: This video shows that October 10th is a major low but that the bear market will continue in the US stock markets to new lows

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Dow Jones S&P Stock Market Crash 2008: Is Friday 10th The Final Bottom?

October 11, 2008

Dow Jones & S&P 500 Stock Market Crash 2008: it is virtually certain that a major bottom has just been made in the US stock markets yesterday, Friday 10th October, and we can expect a very strong and even dramatic rebound for Wall Street stocks over the coming week. This is because (a) the stock […]

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Online Trading – A Common Problem for Traders

May 28, 2008

Hello, This trading video discusses a very common problem that traders experience; that of not experiencing any consistency in their profitability! I give specific advice here about how to overcome this trading malaise. Click the link below to view the video in a new window. Enjoy. Common Trading problem In the video above, I make […]

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Forex Software – Why Do You Day Trade?

April 29, 2008

The point is that there are a gigantic number of other things you could be doing to get rich. So, why precisely did you choose to trade? Actually, since there ARE an almost infinite number of possibilities, your choice to use Trading as the way to make your fortune represents an opportunity cost, in that since you are spending your time studying and practicing Trading, you therefore don’t have the same time available to be studying other subjects. These alternative opportunities might also have brought you riches, perhaps even more so than Trading.

So, ponder the same question again, perhaps a little more deeply this time… “WHY do you trade?”

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Stock trading – StanChart: too big to be niche – Euromoney Magazine

April 2, 2008

StanChart: too big to be niche Euromoney Magazine, UK – 9 hours ago … had spent 10 years at the organization that became JPMorgan, having joined Chase Manhattan from Midland Bank to set up an FX exotic option trading desk. … VeriSign (VRSN) sees heavy call and put trading in hopes of a … Schaeffers […]

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