Online Trading Need Constant Discipline!

by tradingrebel7B on January 14, 2010

I took off a losing Dow Jones stock index trade yesterday.

That’s not a big deal. After all, you win some, you lose some.

Maybe I should say, I FINALLY took off a losing trade. It’s one of those things. You learn something. You know it. You even teach it to others. And sometimes, you let your discipline slacken and don’t do it yourself!

We’re all prone to this which is why we must maintain our discipline when doing online trading. The financial markets are not forgiving.

So what did I do? Well, the market opened yesterday morning a little outside of my stop-loss level but it was just drifting (this was an options trade so it’s not so easy to enter the stop at the time of the trade). I told myself that I would let it drift a little more in my favour and then take the trade off.

But you know what? A stop is a stop. If you’re wrong, you’re wrong. And what you invariably find if you play this sort of game is that you lose more than you ever win.

So it was yesterday. When I finally took the trade off, the loss was substantially larger than it needed to be.

Now, it’s no big disaster because it was a really small trade size. However, it is the principle that counts. I don’t think we should ever tell ourselves that we can “afford” a trade, i.e. the present loss level. If you do, you find that all too often, it will get to a point when it really DOES hurt!

Besides, if you play this game, when ARE you ever wrong on a trade? After all, if the market were to then improve in my favour, and maybe even go all the way back to breakeven, isn’t that less reason to take the trade off?

No, the answer is always to know your stop, i.e. when you are definitely wrong, and exit once it is hit or passed.

I shall make sure that I never make this mistake again. How about you?…

Asoka Selvarajah

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